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Higher Dehumidify Fish Dry Machine

The water content of small fish is relatively high,should pay special attention to the control of temperature and humidity in drying.As a result of the development of science and technology,Dryfree small fish dryer has been applied in a homeopathic way,which has solved many unsanitary and energy-consuming problems of the traditional fish dryer,which also requires a great deal of labor force.

The efficient dehumidifier is a great development in area of condenser,which greatly improves the condensation dehumidification effect.This dehumidifier is mainly used for the special needs of some guests,mainly used for desiccant in particularly high demand or high value economical crop products.Such as health care products,seafood,etc.


1.The efficient dehumidification system timely removal of moisture in the drying room.
2.The whole process of drying computer monitoring, accurate control of drying temperature.
3.The optimal layout of the air duct ensures that the temperature is uniform in each position of the drying room.
4.All the materials in the drying room are heated evenly.The product after drying has uniform color and luster.The quality of dried products is superior to natural drying.
5.No pollution, no emission.
6.High efficiency but low energy consumption in drying process.


Model DF/HP-6D DF/HP-12D DF/HP-24D DF/HP-48D
Unit model(HP) 6 12 24 48
Power supply requirements 3-phase-380v/50hz
Compressor brand Sanyo/Invotech
Working substance charge quantity(kg) 4.5 4.5*2 4.5*4 4.5*8
Evaporator Copper and aluminum fin/Titanium tubes heat exchanger
Condenser Copper and aluminum fin/Titanium tubes heat exchanger
Rated input power(kw) 4 8 16 32
Rated heating power(kw) 14 28 56 110
Rated current(A) 4.5 9 18 30
Maximum temperature(℃) 85
Boundary dimension(mm) 850*850*960 1600*1200*2200 2000*1500*2500 2500*1500*2700
Weight of main engine(kg) 160 330 893 1500
Flow of pump on heat source side(T/H) 5 10 20 35
Flow of pump on water side(T/H) 5 10 20 35
Water pipe joint(INCH) G1-1/2 G1-1/2 G3 G3
Anti-electric shock grade Grade 1
Protection grade Ipx4
Ambient temperature(℃) 5-45
Noise(dB(A)) 55

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The efficient dehumidifier widely used for drying of seafood,which need pay special attention to the control of temperature and humidity in drying.Such as fish drying,sea cucumber drying,seaweed drying,seaweed drying,shrimps drying,etc.

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