Company Information

Since Dryfree Technology Equipment Co., Ltd founding in 2006 we have been the dehumidification expert with over 10,000 Heat Pump Drying systems and solar drying system installed. Over the years, we have pioneered several innovations and our leadership in innovative technology continues today. Our drying system is suitable for the small family or the non electric place, also suitable for the large and medium scale industrial application product. Products in food, wood, fruit, printing, seafood and other aspects have been widely used, and achieved good results.

We started 15 years ago in the lumber drying industry and have become the undisputed leader in Dehumidification Lumber Drying. Since then we developed dehumidification dryers for food and many other products. We developed facility dehumidification systems for our customers' warehouses and production facilities so that products that are dried to the exact right moisture content stay that way.

Based on the know-how and reputation that we have developed in this field, we also built climate controlled plants for drying, staling and other processes and test rooms.


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