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About Dryfre



Dryfree Technology Equipment Co., Ltd is one of earliest manufacturer in China to design, manufacture, export for solar dryers, heat pump dryer machines and solar+ heat pump dryer for many domestic and commercial use for Asia, Africa, South America, US and some Europe markets.


Solar dryer use 100% solar power to dry and heat pump dryer can work 24 hours with electricity power. According to different requirements, our customers will decide to use only solar dryers on Rural place without electricity or use solar + backup heat pump dryer machine to assure 24 hours work. And also customers only use heat pump dryer machine because no solar power or no place to install solar air collectors. Decision only base on " Pay less for more power" for customers


Our solar+ heat pump dryer machine use for fruits dryer, food dryer, special economic goods like Tobacco leaf, etc and also popular to use for Industrial area for printing dry, enamel coating dry, mechanical dry and also more application.


Dryfree insist to keep improving more stable quality, higher efficiency base on requirements from all our customers. All works we do for one target: "Higher goods quality, Lower energy cost ".


With more different requirements from customers, we now also design and manufacture more Custom-built type dry machine for customers like high dehydration dry system like dry fresh and some goods with more vapor. We design and manufacture heat pump dryer only for flow (rose) Cytosol recovery . And also we design and manufacture combined dry system like heat pump dryer + Microwave dry machine together for some Corn dry machine system.And we also use high steam to dry for some special goods with customers need.


With your application requirements, we can design and manufacture right energy-save dry machine for you. And we also can supply you solution with all parts for you and with easy installation. We can can give you instruction or send engineer to help for installation if need and with backup service for operation for some commercial projects.


" Work with your need, save more energy cost, decrease more pollution" We hope to create more value for our customers and decrease more pollution and increase more green for our world.





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