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Nuts drying project

The feature:

1, heat pump drying is a mild way. can effectively guarantee products quality, color, shape and active ingredients, etc., will not change the characteristics of the product.

2, energy saving effect is very obvious. Drying temperature is low, for many materials of agricultural and sideline products, the higher the drying temperature is often cause its too much nutrient loss and material quality to reduce.And dry at low temperature, the conventional air drying rate is extremely low, the drying time multiplied, and the products often can not meet the requirement of the quality of the final moisture content.Heat pump drying is unique dehumidification function, can at low temperatures to drying of material, and can make the final moisture content of the material to very low levels.

3, drying parameters is easy to control and the adjustable range is wide.Also have no polluting to the environment, economy and energy saving, security, stability, easy operation, etc.

4, intelligent control, and improve the traditional production cycle, increase the production.












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