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Industrial paper tube drying project

The feature:

(1) low energy costs----In the process of operation,heat pump drying device can recover the sensible heat and latent heat of the external environment, energy can be used fully and reasonably, is recognized as a kind of high efficiency and energy saving equipment.Compare with diesel fuel boiler drying room.it can save energy more than 50% , compare with electric heat pump drying room, it can save energy more than 40%, compare with coal boiler, it can save energy more than 35%.

(2) No environment polluting----because total heat pump drying process is done in a closed system, no need to eliminate moisture to surroundings,meanwhile to discharge harmful, smelly gas.If close all front-rear system in the pipeline, will keep the whole operation environment clean .Compared with other drying methods, this is a unique advantage.

(3) drying quality is good----in heat pump drying device,for chinese herbal medicine drying ,the drying medium circulate in a closed space;there is no affected by external conditions, smooth running all the year under the same condition, so the drying quality is very good .

(4) intelligent control -- -- -- -- -- can control according to the needs of the user.

(5) without modes-----greatly reduce the cost.













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