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Solar dryer series

Solar Air Collector

Solar air collector is a new product developed by dryfree solar. Different from the traditional solar collector using the water as the heat transfer fluid, solar air collector heats the air directly by using the air as heat transfer medium. Air drawn through the system absorbs the collector's heating, rising in temperature by as much as required temperature, and then the warm air returns to the drying chamber for the drying operation, or passes into the living room for heating. Solar air collector can be widely used in industrial and agricultural drying,and spacing heating, etc.

Small Farm" Dryer

This solar dryer is intended for the small landholder or a family. With a capacity of 10 - 20 kg of sliced wet fruit or vegetables, depending on type of fruit and numerous other factors (see 'dryfree Capacities and Procedures' document), this dryer is ideal for high-quality natural preservation in a micro-enterprise setting. multiple units provide a significant commercial volume at a combined cost which remains economical and substantially lower than large commercial solar dryers.

Expandable Commercial Dryers 

This economical line of commercial dryers is conveniently expandable by simply adding modules of the Quad solar air collectors and the respective drying rack capacity. This series also allows the choice of rooftop installation of the solar air collectors to feed hot air directly down into a suitable small building where the drying racks are installed in any capacity. Alternatively these collectors can be mounted on the ground directly beside the wall of the small building housing the drying racks.

solar project.  

Even solar is not stable, but solar power is 100% free and no pollution. If calculate with one year, we can calculate as average 280 days with 7 hours strong sunshine, and 80 days with weak or raining days, we still can have 280 x 2 (m2 solar air collector ) x 0.8 kwh/hour x 7 hours x 70% =2195kwh one year for 1pc solar air collector.

Drying Machine Application  

Widely used to drying fruit,vegetable, herbs, meat products and some seafood.Such as litchi, honeysuckle,day lily,mushrooms, blueberry, medlar,jujube,walnut,plum,tea,apricot,raisin, bacon,sausage, small shrimp ,some herbs and so on.



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