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3HP domestic heat pump dryer

At present, most of the drying device adopts three-phase electric power for drying operations, but the majority of farmer customer groups there are no provide of three-phase electric power, most of them use burning coal, firewood or by natural to dry products. In view of the existing situation of the market, we design a small energy saving dryer to solve this problem. The main power of the product is the 220V individual civilian power, rated power 3.7KW.The perfect hot air circulation structure and the reasonable uniform wind distribution design have ensured the quality of the drying product.The heat recovery technology has achieved the highest energy saving 80% comparing with the electric heating dryer. In the rural household market, in addition to drying products, but also can use as an 3hp air-conditioning unit for free as multifunctional use for one machine.

Domestic multifunctional heat pump dryer system characteristic advantage

1、Super high temperature:Out of the wind temperature to 85 degrees, after 10 years of time to use the market test, the first investment in the use of the industry。

2、Uniform material: after the condensation of the high temperature wind through the flow of material to the material, so that the material is evenly heated dehydration.

3、Wide range of application: agricultural products, industrial products, seafood and other more than 20 industries.

4、Super high energy saving: the use of heat recovery technology, based on the automatic humidity of the baking room humidity, energy efficiency in more than 70%.

5、Low carbon emission reduction: no pollution, no waste water, waste gas and waste residue discharged during drying process.

6、General power: 220V/50HZ, non industrial use of electricity, every family can have.

7、Easy to use: self casters, mobile and convenient, machine factory.

8、Design concept: the unit baking room one, no need to install the site, then use the power.

9、Automation control: the use of integrated control system, man-machine interface, automatic control without personnel on duty.

10、Overall size: 2800*1100*2300, material tray 40, material plate size: 640*460*25.

11、Equipment energy consumption: unit full load power 3.7KW, equipped with 6 square wire, theoretical drying weight 400 kg.

12、The gospel of entrepreneurs: you can start a business, you can help people to process

Drying Machine Application  

Widely used to drying fruit,vegetable, herbs, meat products and some seafood.Such as litchi, honeysuckle,day lily,mushrooms, blueberry, medlar,jujube,walnut,plum,tea,apricot,raisin, bacon,sausage, small shrimp ,some herbs and so on.

3HP solar heat pump drying system

Solar energy is popular now on the world as free power and many customers use solar power to dry goods on different market. Solar dryer should be good to use on place without electricity and use 100% power from sunshine without additional dry cost. But for some commercial dry projects and some goods need resistant dry as solar can not keep working. And some customers also use backup oil& gas or electricity directly as backup power with same problem for pollution or high dry cost. Then we now design and combine solar+ heat pump dry to have the best result to use solar for 10-20% free and 80% more or less with heat pump to save more dry cost. For 3HP heat pump dryer, we use 2pcs x 2m2 solar air collector on back to use solar power on daytime. It can supply about 15KWH free power during all days as standard sunshine ( 0.8kwh/m2 x 70% x 7 hours x 4 (m2)=15kwh more or less )As heat air through solar air collector directly with dryroom and heat pump dry will work as backup power to work if no enough power or on weak sunshine or on night.

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